What we’ve been up to

You may have seen a lull in ANTIOQUIA activity for the past few months.  That is no joke, we’ve been on a hiatus from the road, each of us catching up on life in our own way.

Craig and Paul are gigging strong with bay area political rockers Fresh Juice Party. Aside from that they can be seen behind their respective instruments with bands like La Misa Negra, Heather Normandale, Rhythmaddicts, Karamo Susso band and many others. These guys keep busy.

Adley has got his own projects in the works, Bicicletas por Paz is the current iteration of his musical celebration of bicycles.  He is also getting it going with bay area jam band Supercronopio. Make sure you check them out pronto!

Rachel (AKA Rachel Lark) is rising fast to the top of the charts.  Snow Angel, her duo with Gabby Lala has got some steam in it’s engine.  Her own solo project is an amazing concoction of textures and sounds with her playing ukelele, toy piano, synth, and drums. She is a one woman band whose performances will leave you wondering how she plays so many instruments at the same time.  Make sure you check out her music now!

Tomas has got his own band Say Bobby getting parties started with Highlife – Afrobeat and Samba tunes.  Heather Normandale layin down the vocals along with a lively horn section.




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